Scroll down to view or download video animations of BarbecanTM Secure Entrance Systems in either WMV format for PC or Quicktime format for Mac. Some animations show only a single entrance while others show four entrances in a ganged scenario where three are programmed for one direction and the other is programmed for the reverse. Click the appropriate link below to view.

Each entrance system tracks and maintains the pace of pedestrians passing through.

The videos show all entrance system units operating at the same speed. In actuality, each entrance system unit tracks the pace of each individual pedestrian. If a person walks slowly, the entrance operates slowly. Each entrance has sensors to understand the location of each pedestrian passing through and the position of their arms, legs, etc. If a person walks quickly, the entrance system will follow their movements and operate quickly. Operation of entrances dynamically adapts to each person ensuring quick and safe operation!

The tops of all entrances have been removed for clarity in the videos.

In actuality, tops would be present and there would be no open space above or around the entrance(s). The only way to enter is through one of the secure entrances. Also, there is never any narrow continuous passage through or around a secure entrance. This prevents two terrorists or gunmen from working together to pass a weapon through or past a secure entrance. The animations show continuous traffic through the entrances(s). Should a particular secure entrance detect a possible weapon during the brief moment when both door panels are parallel and the detection chamber is created, then that entrance would stop forward progress, reverse its direction, and back the subject out of the entrance system while opening the door panel behind the subject. Alternately, an entrance could be programmed to contain a subject if threat sensors determine a high probability of a threat.

Barbecan Video – Multiple/Ganged Entrance Systems

Click filenames below to download: Windows Media Player: STACKED_PORTAL_STATIC-CAM.wmv QuickTime:

Barbecan Video – Single Secure Entrance

Click filename below to download: Windows Media Player: SINGLE_PORTAL_CAM2_STATIC.wmv QuickTime:

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