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Our Intellectual Property includes both the Speed-Sensitive Secure Entrance as well as companion Synchronized Automatic Baggage Scanners. 

Barbecan Portal
A 4-Portal Gang in Operation

Patent claims for the Speed-Sensitive Secure Entrance are very broad, covering ALL embodiments having two or more movable and rotatable door panels, making fast pedestrian throughput possible. People walk through without stopping. And, there are no worries about timing your entrance – an ever-present problem with traditional revolving doors. The addition of weapon detection technology absolutely STOPS an attacker.

While many patent claims cover possible drive mechanisms for the moving door panels, there are claims that simply cover door movement in the most general way. As a result, any company building a high throughput door system having a compact footprint will need to follow our lead.

Production models of the Speed-Sensitive Secure Entrance will incorporate vision-controlled technology, like today’s driverless cars. Door panels follow a person’s movements safely, never touching them.

For applications like airports and hotels where people with baggage must be screened, we have both US and British patents covering an automatic baggage scanner that is synchronized with our security portal. Baggage only passes if a subject is cleared, and the subject only passes if their baggage is cleared.

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