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Our Intellectual Property includes embodiments of the Barbecan Secure Entrance mechanism as well as companion baggage scanners. Issued and allowed claims for the Non-Stop Secure Entrance system are very broad, and cover ALL embodiments having two or more movable and rotatable door panels, making fast pedestrian throughput possible while absolutely stopping an attacker.

Our latest pending patent (Appl No 15/588,617) focuses claims on door panels with integrated sensors and cameras that move with a pedestrian, making face recognition and mood recognition (behavioral analysis) possible, as well as image scanning moving pedestrians for weapons.

US Patent No 9,268,054 covers an automatic (and unattended) baggage screener that is synchronized with the Non-Stop Secure Entrance. For either a person or their baggage to enter a secure area, both must pass screening. Provision is included to insure the subject securely retrieves their possessions.

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