Schools, Colleges & Universities

Shootings at schools have been some of the most painful events in recent years, especially when the victims include children. All educational institutions should be protected from attackers and at the same time need a high throughput entry screening solution.

Grade Schools

Grade schools require high throughput as school buses deliver scores of students who simultaneously must enter a building quickly. At recess and at the end of the school day, large numbers of students need to exit school buildings quickly through protected entrances.

Colleges and Universities

Campuses typically consist of many separate buildings, and between classes large numbers of students exit one building and enter different buildings in a short amount of time. Without a high traffic screening solution at building entrances, protecting college students is not possible.

Armed Guards at Schools

There have been proposals for placing armed guards at schools, however a single armed guard at an entrance will not stop a determined attacker - persons who typically intend to kill multiple people and are typically prepared to die in the process. Also, security guards are not necessarily experienced in the tactics necessary to confront a determined attacker – especially one armed with automatic or semi automatic weapons.

Arming Teachers

There have even been proposals to arm teachers with guns. Without proper training of teachers this solution is certainly unworkable. Given the personality makeup of a typical teacher compared with law enforcement personnel, it is quite possible this solution would create more harm than good. It would also place guns within schools, and in the hands of people who historically are unfamiliar with handling and safeguarding such weapons.

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