Airport Main Entrances

Passenger screening performed by TSA at US airports has been quite effective in keeping guns, knives, and bombs off of airplanes. While a terrorist event on an airplane certainly would affect the airline industry, it's not the only way for terrorists to disrupt air travel and the economy. Airport main entrances are completely vulnerable to an attacker carrying either automatic weapons and/or explosives. This provides the opportunity for significant and effective attacks in areas of crowding like baggage claim areas, ticket counter queues, and even the security checkpoint cues themselves.

With metal detection incorporated, Barbecan portals will prevent automatic weapons from passing through airport main entrances, and in the future will also detect and prevent explosives from entering airports through main entrances. Since many people entering airports are carrying substantial amounts of baggage articles, Barbecan also will develop automated baggage screening portals that operate synchronized with Barbecan pedestrian portals. Both US and British patents are pending covering this new technology. When operational, synchronized pedestrian and baggage portals will operate together such that a human subject cannot pass unless their baggage is cleared, and their baggage cannot pass unless the subject themself is cleared.

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