A “Barbican” or “Barbecan” was a fortified gate that prevented enemies from entering a castle or walled city in Medieval times. BarbecanTM Security Systems was formed to enable the deployment of a revolutionary secure entrance system to save lives. Many lives.

What motivates us?

Incidents of gunmen and/or suicide bombers killing large numbers of innocent people in public buildings are occurring far too frequently. We began developing the revolutionary Barbecan secure entrance system in 2007 in response to the attack at Virginia Tech. We predicted the problem would only get worse… and it has.


Our mission is to provide automatic door systems for public buildings that prevent shootings and bombings in public buildings worldwide.

Business Plan

Our patent position is solid and continually growing with broader claims and fundamental coverage for functionality required for any high traffic security door system. We are looking to partner with a company or organization that will either deploy or facilitate the deployment of the Barbecan Speed-Sensitive Secure Entrance system.


The Barbecan entrance system addresses a serviceable market (SAM) of $4B worldwide for high-end commercial automatic door systems, and a $2B market for traditional security portals.


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