Secure EntranceTM

SAFE → Vision System Controlled

FAST!! → Weapon Screening-at-Speed

10 Patents for Sale or License

  • Door panels move with you, Matching your pace
  • You Stop, They Stop — You Move, They Move
  • People just walk through without stopping…
  • Attackers are BLOCKED!

Schools, Subways, Stadiums, Theaters, Malls, Embassies and Military Bases, Office Buildings, and Enhanced TSA Checkpoints

Only 22 weeks into 2022, America already has seen 246 Mass Shootings including Uvalde and Buffalo. (Src: NPR)

Video shown on FOX News

After Sandy Hook, Barbecan announced their first patents and we appeared in many interviews including FOX News, ABC News, Discovery Channel, Gizmodo.com, and others.

We predicted that the problem would only get worse – and since then we have Parkland, El Paso, Dayton, and many others. The Fox video shows people walking quickly through the Secure Entrance. As shown in the video at the top of this page, the system follows you at any speed!

See video at Fox News

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