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  • Hotels

    While not frequent targets for terrorist attacks, the 2008 attack in Mumbai showed what can happen when multiple attackers... >

  • Banks

    US banks alone operate more than 50,000 branch offices, with the total number of offices exceeding 60,000. Bank robberies... >

  • Metro, Subways & Underground Train Stations

    Often referred to as subways or undergrounds, as of May 2013 there are 188 Metro systems in 54 countries... >

  • Embassies, Consulates, & Military Bases

    A number of terrorist attacks have occurred at embassies and consulates in recent years, and although events at US... >

  • Courthouses, & Government Buildings

    Weapons certainly don't belong in a Courthouse. However, it happens anyway and shootings have occurred. Only law officers should... >

  • Airport Main Entrances

    Passenger screening performed by TSA at US airports has been quite effective in keeping guns, knives, and bombs off... >

  • Airport Exit Lane Breach Control

    TSA estimates that eliminating staffing at airport exit lanes would save $88.1 million compared to fiscal 2012 spending and... >

  • Factories

    The number of factories in the United States employing more than 1,000 workers was 1,014 in 2007. Typical large... >

  • Office Buildings

    Disgruntled employees have been the cause of many mass shootings over the years. Many years ago the inventor of... >